Is Men’s Hair Loss Permanent?

Men’s hair loss affects about 85% of the male population by the time they reach the age of 50. However, not all hair loss causes are the same, and not all types of men’s hair loss is permanent. An exam by a hair transplant doctor can provide the answers that you need as far as what is causing your condition, and whether or not it can be reversed. Stress, environmental factors, and genetics all play a part in determining which men’s hair loss treatments may be an effective solution for you.

What Can Cause Men’s Hair Loss?

Men’s hair loss is common, in part because it can occur for one or more reasons. If you have detected a growing bald patch or have experienced shedding of hairs while washing your hair, you might be concerned about hair loss. You may also be wondering if it is permanent and will worsen over time. There are two types of men’s hair loss:

  1. Male pattern baldness. If left untreated, this is a permanent condition, but some treatments can counteract it. A doctor can determine if you are a candidate for one or more of the surgical as well as available non-surgical treatments.
  1. Hair shedding. This is not a permanent condition and is often caused by environmental factors. A doctor can determine what factors, if any, are causing your condition and what you can do to counteract them to restore your hair.

What Is Male Pattern Baldness?

More formally known as androgenic alopecia, male pattern baldness is a hereditary condition. Some men begin developing it while still in their early 20s. Though the condition cannot be reversed, this form of men’s hair loss can be treated to restore a fuller head of hair. With male pattern baldness, it is not that the hairs are lost, it is that they shrink in size and become harder to detect. This lends toward a balding appearance. Our men’s hair loss doctor can treat your hair so that the strands recover their natural fullness.

What Is Hair Shedding?

Hair shedding or hair falling from the scalp is another common cause of men’s hair loss. It is a condition in which the hair follicles weaken and fray, and the resulting damage causes the person to lose hair. Everyone sheds hair to some extent and can be as much as 100 hairs a day. Those who are experiencing severe hair loss or shedding will see clumps of hair come off of their scalp while shampooing or brushing their hair. Most of the time this condition is caused by one or more environmental factors such as:

  • Physical or mental stress
  • Poor nutrition habits
  • Environmental damage from any number of causes such as overuse of a hairdryer, overexposure to harsh chemicals or hot temperatures, contact with toxic substances, etc.
  • Illness or recovery after certain types of surgery or a side effect of a medication

Consulting a hair loss doctor like Dr. Robin Unger can help you better understand your options.