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Back Pain Doctor

If your desk job is causing you pain in the back or neck, then you may want to consider seeing a chiropractor for treatment. Many jobs nowadays include sitting at a desk in front of a computer screen. Unfortunately, prolonged sitting in this position may negatively impact your health. You are not only creating tension in the muscles of your legs, back, arms, and neck, but sitting for extended periods of time raises your chances of diabetes, obesity, and heart disease.

One of the best things you can do for your health is to visit a chiropractor about receiving the potential benefits from this treatment approach. Aches and pains of the musculoskeletal system can be alleviated through chiropractic methodologies, so if you are experiencing discomfort, don’t hesitate to reach out to a chiropractic clinic today.

What can I do to relieve desk-related discomfort?

If you sit for extended periods of time at work, then you may be feeling back aches, neck pain, shoulder pain, tight hips, or sore wrists. Reducing pain in these areas can be as simple as altering your lifestyle, using supportive equipment, and visiting your chiropractor on a routine basis. When slumped in a chair, you are placing your back out of proper alignment. This incorrect posturing can lead to lower back pain, neck pain, bursitis, and arthritis. The long-term repercussions include the real possibility of experiencing chronic pain that prevents you from performing at your very best.

What happens to the body when I sit for hours at a time?

When you sit for a long time, it isn’t just your back and neck that will eventually experience pain. It is advisable that anyone who works at a desk regularly visits a chiropractor for an exam and treatment plan. It is better to take action now rather than wait until the discomfort affects your ability to do your work. Along with neck and back pain, it isn’t uncommon for people who sit for work to have these additional symptoms:

  • Degeneration and weakness of muscles
  • High blood pressure and raised cholesterol levels
  • Fatigue and brain fog
  • Body soreness 
  • Poor circulation

How can a chiropractor help me?

If you are experiencing body aches, then a chiropractor may be able to help you. During the initial visit, the chiropractor will ask about your medical history, run diagnostics, and examine your spinal column to determine the best approach for reducing back and neck pain that is associated with prolonged sitting. Your chiropractor may need to perform additional diagnostics such as bloodwork, blood pressure, and range of motion testing before determining the best treatment approach for you. Every patient is different, so treatment plans will vary.