Life Coach Los Angeles CA

Life Coach Los Angeles CA
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Do you know someone that always, or most of the time, seems pretty happy with their lives? Have you ever wondered what it is that they are doing that you are not? 

They may have examined their thought process and belief system around scarcity vs. abundance. People who are generally happy in their lives have a mindset of abundance, a growth mindset. They believe there is more than enough in the world to go around for all of us. More than enough love, more than enough money, more than enough food, more than enough water, resources … you get the point. The world is full of abundant possibilities. People with a scarcity mindset believe the opposite, and generally have a fixed view of the world. There simply is not enough. There is a scarce supply of resources in the world. A scarcity mindset is one where the belief is that life is a finite pie – if one person takes a big piece there simply isn’t enough left for everyone else. According to our Life Coach Los Angeles CA, a mindset of scarcity can stop us from achieving our goals, whereas an abundant mindset sets us free to pursue our dreams and aspirations. 
Here are a few ways to switch mindsets from scarcity to abundance: 

  1. Gratitude. A gratitude practice allows us to look at what it is that we do have, not what we don’t have. It is an opportunity to shift the paradigm to the positive. Cultivating a practice of gratitude inherently allows you to shift to abundance because in focusing on what we do have, we always feel as if we have more than what we really need – more than enough. As Oprah Winfrey says, “Be thankful for what you do have; you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you’ll never have enough.” 
  2. Look around. Are the people in your life positive? Do they believe that the world is good, and that there is plenty of joy, love and resources to go around? Or are they negative? Do they feel that the world is in short supply of resources and so you better grab what you can when you can? It is true, we are heavily influenced by the people we surround ourselves with so choose wisely. If you want to grow, you want your mindset to expand – examine the people you surround yourself with, and make the changes you need to make. 
  3. Win-Win. Create win-win situations in your life. Life is not a zero sum game. Everyone can win, there is enboughto go around. That is a mindset. You do not need to take from another person to have for yourself. Shift the mindset toward empowering the people around you to grow and you will grow right along with them. 

/s/The Sukha Wellness Team—- There is no simple way to find happiness. The Sukha Wellness Institute incorporates a multidimensional approach to happiness! Our accountability system and mantra, You Must Do the Work!, will lead you to a purposeful life starting right now. Isn’t it time you find your Sukha?